6 Reasons to Choose Hydropool

There are six things that make owning a Hydropool the best Hot Tub and SwimSpa experience in the world…

Hydropool’s luxurious Hot Tubs & SwimSpas that are the easiest in the world to maintain and, because they are so superbly insulated, their typical running costs are the best in the industry.

For over 25 years Hydropool has evolved using a continuous engineering process; we strive to be the best and nothing less will do. The result is an unbeatbable range of the best Hot Tubs and SwimSpas in the world.

Here are Six Reasons that make Hydropool the Best Hot Tubs and SwimSpas in the World.

Why Hydropool?

Our Mission
We’re the world’s first and only manufacturers of Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs and SwimSpas. From the beginning, we’ve been focused on delivering the highest standards in everything we do – from selecting the finest materials to build our models, developing the latest innovations and technologies and investing time in our customers to ensure an unparalleled service. As a sustainable company, we strive for eco-friendly practices helping us maintain our green credentials.
Our Philosophy
Modern life is exhausting – mentally and physically. Sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. It’s not always convenient to visit the gym after work to use their facilities. And often, spa facilities aren’t available late into the evening.

That’s why it’s more crucial than ever to make time to unwind and reward yourself with a rejuvenating Hot Tub or SwimSpa to restore vitality. We’re confident there’s a model to suit every lifestyle whether you fancy sharing that blissful serenity with friends, relaxing peacefully on your own or adding invigorating hydrotherapy into your exercise programme.

Our Promise
At HydroPool, we stay true to our word. When we say no obligations, we mean no obligations. So if you decide you need a little more time to consider things after your free site survey, take as long as you need.

Our highly experienced hydrotherapy experts are not only adept at recommending the best model for you personally, but they’re also genuinely good listeners giving you the peace of mind that every single aspect of the process is thoroughly considered and tailored to suit you.

1. Hydropool's Exclusive Self Cleaning Technology

1) The floor vacuum cleans across the floor so there’s no need to vacuum the Hot Tub
or SwimSpa, the Watercare products are more effectively circulated and heavy contamination,
such as dirt and grit, is removed

2) The high flow skimmer and pre-filter cleans across the surface to remove floating
debris, prevents larger debris from clogging the pump and heater, increases filtration
and extends the micro-filter cleaning cycles

3) The mazzei injected ozone automatically purifies the water which dramatically reduces
sanitizer usage, crates clearer, cleaner water and is odorless.

4) Pressurized mico-filtration means 100% of the water is cleaned every 15 minutes. Our new
Dual Core Filter with Microfilm and inner core increased filtration, extends cleaning cycles
and is easily accessible but out of sight from bathers

5) The self clean light indicates that the Self-Clean system is active and reassures your
family’s safety and protection

6) The customizable Watercare system is worry free and convenient and incorporates the
AquaSynergy System, EZCare Watercare and an Automatic Chemical Feeder

7) The quick drain system is easy to use and doesn’t require any further purchase of vacuum
or sump pump equipment. The pump saves time and hassle associated with non Self-Clean hot tubs

2. Exclusive HydroWise Thermal Shield Technology

1) Energy efficient filtration
Your Hydropool filters 100% of the water every 15 minutes. That means the Hot Tub
or SwimSpa does not have to be operating as long to filter the same amount of water
as other hot tubs. That makes it the most energy efficient filtration system
in the world

2) Hydrowise Heat Shield Hardcover
Made for Canadian winters, this 4’x3″ tapered locking safety hardcover is insulated
to lock in heat and keep the cold out.

3) Insulated Thermal Shield Blanket
Inspired by NASA, the Triple Thermal shield technology is incorporated in the pipes,
cabinet and flooring. The aluminium foil side of the Thermal Shield reflected the
heat back into the hot tub while the pipes are designed to absorb the heat

4) Eco Heat Exchange Technology
The fully adjustable venting means that as each pump creates 1.5Kw of waste heat,
our triple thermal shield blanket reflects that heat back into the hot tub casing.
That means the Thermal vents maximize the energy efficiency for any season and

5) Low Amperage Evergreen Pump
The high flow/low energy pumps are engineered to produce high flow rates with a
very low energy output

6) Designed to exceed CEC regulations
We set the standard by being ranked in the top three in the world for energy
efficiency and stand by wattage and we were one of the first to be approved
under the strict California Energy Commission approval ratings

3. Hydropool's Comfort Features

1) Ergonomically Designed Seating

2) Never Float Loungers

3) Recessed Jetting

4) Multi Level Seating

5) Large Foot Wells

6) Convenient Ice Bucket

4. State of the Art Design

1) Safety steps inside the Hot Tub or SwimSpa

2) Patented HydroFall pillows

3) Optimized hydraulics

4) State of the art patents, such as Self-Cleaning System™, IA Pump Base®,
Dream Scents® and the HydroWise System™

5) Self supporting cradle and struss system

6) 10 year worry free structural guarantee

5. The Science Behind Your Hydropool Massage

1) Choose your seat: the Never Float Lounger, the Extreme Seat, the Swivel Seat,
the Cool Down Seat or the Arm Rests with Jets

2) Choose your massage: choose your series, select your HydroFlow Jets and choose
which therapeutic option you’d like; variable air therapy or AcuPressure Sequence Massage

3) Choose your mood with HydroFall pillows, cascading HydroFalls, Northern Lights,
Deluxe LED or Dream Scents

6. The World's Only Carbon Neutral Hot Tubs & SwimSpas

The Hydropool Evergeen Commitment enhances your life in more ways than every. It allows our customers
to rest comfortably knowing they are enjoying a premium Hot Tub or SwimSpa experience that will
enhance the environment as well as their lives for years to come.

Hydropool is committed to minimizing and neutralizing the carbon emissions from our manufacturing process
and our lean initiatives are constantly reducing the size of our carbon footprint. Our carbon offsetting
ensures that we support environmental projects that neutralize carbon emissions.

Hydropool is committed to reducing the waste that is sent to landfills. In addition to our Lean Manufacturing
initiatives, we also engage in a corporate wide recycling program. Even the Everlast cabinets on our Hot Tubs
and SwimSpas are recyclable.

Hydropool is committed to using paper than comes from responsibly managed forests in order to protect
wildlife habitats, to ensure clean water and to keep our forests healthy for generations to come.
Therefore, all of our corporately produced posters and brochures are printed by companies certified
by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) on FSC approved paper.

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