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with Swim Flow Technology


Athletes at the top of their game trust our Self-Cleaning swim spas for an intense, invigorating workout in the comfort and privacy of their own homes… isn’t it time you joined them?

Imagine the changing room is your own bedroom. The public shower is your own bathroom – complete with all your toiletries that you’ll never forget to pack in a swim bag and the walk to the pool is just down the stairs…

Thanks to the innovative development of our SwimSpas, that fantasy is a reality that is not only within reach but more rewarding than ever.

Hydropool swim spas are the professional choice for many top athletes, trainers and sports organisations and it’s easy to see why. More than just a swimming pool, these space-saving training aids incorporate pioneering SwimFlow technology making them ideal for everyone from leisurely swimmers who enjoy a splash before breakfast to elite triathletes at the top of their game.

Our SwimSpas feature powerful jets, which enable you to swim in place just as you would in a regular pool or out in the lake. You can also adjust the speed depending on your age, strength and technique for a truly unique workout.

Available in a range of specifications and sizes, Hydropool exercise pools can be either surface mounted onto a concrete base, semi-sunk into a deck or fully sunk into the ground, indoors or outdoors. All Hydropool swim in place pools also come complete with their own heating, filtration, underwater lighting & water purification systems, all neatly tucked underneath the reinforced acrylic shell.

And remember, our SwimSpas are self-cleaning meaning you benefit from the highest standards and the lowest maintenance.

Why Hydropool?

Our Mission
We’re the world’s first and only manufacturers of Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs and SwimSpas. From the beginning, we’ve been focused on delivering the highest standards in everything we do – from selecting the finest materials to build our models, developing the latest innovations and technologies and investing time in our customers to ensure an unparalleled service. As a sustainable company, we strive for eco-friendly practices helping us maintain our green credentials.
Our Philosophy
Modern life is exhausting – mentally and physically. Sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. It’s not always convenient to visit the gym after work to use their facilities. And often, spa facilities aren’t available late into the evening.

That’s why it’s more crucial than ever to make time to unwind and reward yourself with a rejuvenating Hot Tub or SwimSpa to restore vitality. We’re confident there’s a model to suit every lifestyle whether you fancy sharing that blissful serenity with friends, relaxing peacefully on your own or adding invigorating hydrotherapy into your exercise programme.

Our Promise
At Hydropool, we stay true to our word. When we say no obligations, we mean no obligations. So if you decide you need a little more time to consider things after your free site survey, take as long as you need.

Our highly experienced hydrotherapy experts are not only adept at recommending the best model for you personally, but they’re also genuinely good listeners giving you the peace of mind that every single aspect of the process is thoroughly considered and tailored to suit you.

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