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Spa Hot Tubs


Refresh your mind, revitalise your body with La-Z-Boy

Go on, reward yourself – you deserve it. You work hard. You play hard. So when you finally find the time to relax, you need something gentle enough to slow the pace and make you feel truly special.

Something soothing and serene. Something that reawakens the senses while stimulating body and mind. Something that oozes luxury and indulgence.

Something that’s waiting for you in your own back garden or conservatory after a testing day in the office or tiring morning on the golf course…

Discover the ultimate compliment in home comforts and a way to restore full vitality in minutes. Slip into one and let the combination of warm, relaxing water and stimulating jets refresh both body and mind while the soothing waves help your woes ebb away.

Our La-Z-Boys